ScratchE Heat Detectors

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Easy to use, effective and economical heat detecting aid for cattle

  • 25 per pack in convenient strips of 5 patches
  • Economical & effective heat detection aid
  • Secure and easy to apply self-adhesive
  • No pre-heating required in cold conditions
  • Identifies more cows in heat

ScratchE® pads are easy to use, with an extra strong self adhesive side application is fast and hassle free. These labour saving scratch cards can be easily applied by one person, and they mould easily over the cow#s backbone for a secure fit. ScratchE® has a protective top layer which is #rubbed# off by the mounting activity of herd mates. When this occurs, a colourful under layer is exposed, making it easy to identify a standing heat.


WEIGHT : 130.000 G
LENGTH : 255.000MM
WIDTH : 135.000MM
HEIGHT : 5.000MM