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Kamar Cattle Heat Detector

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A valuable heat detection aid that assist in identifying cows ready for artificial breeding

  • Profitable supplement to your visual detection
  • Activated by three seconds of steady pressure
  • Cow stands to be ridden, red dye moves slowly through a hairline passage into the hardwalled timing chamber
  • Chamber overflows, the detector turns red

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The Kamar Heat Detector is a heat detection aid for cattle bred in farms. The standing heat phase is the most prime fertile period for a cow to start breeding. This Kamar heat detector is a pressure sensitive device with a built-in timing mechanism that is activated by standing heat behaviour. When glued onto the tail head of the cow, pressure from the brisket of a mounting animal turns the detector from white to red in about three seconds. This timing mechanism helps to differentiate between true standing heat versus false mounting activity.


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