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Golden Hoof Plus Foot Rot Medicine 20kg

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€ 81.60


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The antibacterial action of golden hoof in footbaths is not materially affected by contamination with urine or faeces and solutions of golden hoof are reusable.

  • It is a safe material to use
  • It does not produce unpleasant fumes which can irritate sheep, cattle and handlers
  • It is a painless treatment
  • Ewes and young lambs can be treated togetherwithout separation
  • Easier to mix, highly penetrative

The Golden Hoof Plus is a medicine for the foot rot ailment that occurs in sheep. It contains zinc sulphate hexahydrate, an effective zinc preparation with improved zinc content. Fast-acting to remove foot rot bacteria, the Golden Hoof penetrates ovine hoof horn more readily than other anti-bacterial agents. Unlike formaldehyde preparations, which kill living tissues and cause hardening and subsequent cracking, zinc sulphate is a healing agent promoting the growth of new healthy tissue. This 20kg pack is an economical buy for the medium to large scale farmer.


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