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Country's Best - Gold 4 Mix 5kg

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Grain mixture with a 3 mm laying pellet, from the first egg

  • Complete feed for laying hens from week 18
  • Promotes a strong eggshell and healthy skeleton
  • Ensures rapid gain in egg weight
  • Without coccidiostat for a natural lay

Gold 4 mix is a complete feed for laying hens from week 18 and during the entire egg-laying period. This user-friendly feed contains a high-grade mixture of grains and a 3mm special laying pellet. It contains all the ingredients, minerals and vitamins necessary for a regular lay and a strong eggshell. The feed ensures a rapid gain in egg weight and contains an optimal combination of calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D3 which guarantees strong eggshells and a healthy skeleton. The feed is also without coccidiostat, for a natural lay.


WEIGHT : 1.000 KG
LENGTH : 0.000
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HEIGHT : 0.000