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Chick Starter Mash 20kg

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Chick Starter is a high protein, easily digested, ration which is perfect for raising young poultry.

  • Contains 19% protein
  • Added grit helps poultry grind whole grain in the gizzard
  • Monensin in starter & grower feeds helps prevent parasitic Coccidiosis disease
  • 20kg plastic bags are recyclable as polythene
  • GAIN poultry feeds do not contain animal products

Chick Starter can be fed up to 8 weeks. It contains Monensin as an aid in the prevention of Coccidiosis. High quality grains and plant proteins are used to give a complete diet with essential nutrition and vitamins. High quality grains provide a product that will supply the young poultry with a vigorous start, uniformed development and fantastic form.


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