Actisan Cubicle Bedding Powder 25kg

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Actisan will help to protect your herd and will greatly improve the profitability of your farming business

  • Kills all mastitis causing bugs and is soft on teat
  • Reduces various diseases
  • Gives you drier and cleaner cow houses
  • Eliminates bad odours in the air
  • Non corrosive product that will not harm skin or teat

Actisan will protect your herd against mastitis, high cell counts, lameness, metritis and calf scourer. Actisan soaks up to 200% of its weight in moisture, it is a non corrosive product and will not harm skin or teat. Actisan has an excellent kill rate against environmental mastitis, it helps to control odour and is a no sludge formula. By applying Actisan you will get drier, cleaner cow houses with less harmful ammonia and eliminate bad odours in the air. Actisan can reduce various diseases in calf pens, such as Salmonella, E. Coli, Clostridia and Pheumonia. Actisan is long lasting, kills all mastitis causing bugs and is soft on teats.


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