World Milk Day highlights the role farm families play in supporting a healthy lifestyle


June 01 marks World Milk Day in a celebration of all things great about dairy.

Glanbia Ireland are delighted to recognise World Milk Day, today, June 01.

On this, World Milk Day, it is fitting that we celebrates the positive impact milk has not just on the economy and rural Ireland, but also the nutritional benefits associated with the dairy product.

Ireland is a leader in the sustainable production of milk and Glanbia Ireland recognises the family farms that are the foundation of all things great about milk.

The EU-funded campaign ‘Everything Starts with Milk’ along with the NDC are working with GAA players Con O’Callaghan, Grace Walsh and Cian Lynch to promote the nutritional benefits milk provides to athletes with such high training regime standards.

Commenting on World Milk Day, Grace Walsh said: “Strength and ability to play camogie at a top level takes practise and hard work, so having a diet that supplies sufficient energy; and is rich in proteins, minerals and vitamins is important.

“Milk helps me to keep my energy levels up during a match and aids my recovery afterwards.”

Throughout the day the NDC is sharing some insightful facts about milk such as:

  • In Ireland, approximately 99% of the water used for milk production is supplied naturally by rainfall. With almost zero impact on water stress, Ireland is one of the best places in the world for sustainable milk production;
  • Milk is naturally one of the most nutrient dense foods available – just 100ml is a source of eight essential nutrients – protein, riboflavin, vitamin B12, calcium, iodine, potassium, phosphorus and pantothenic acid;
  • Dairy production is a major contributor to the Irish economy, with export value reaching around €5.2 billion each year. The sector supports 60,000 jobs and for every €1 spent in the sector, an additional €2.50 is spent in the Irish economy.

First Published: 1 June 2021 


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