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SEAI Dairy Farm Grant

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SEAI have launched a new grant scheme for Dairy Farmers who wish to reduce costs and increase profitability. They are now providing financial support for investing in energy efficient vacuum and milk pump technology.

The objective of this scheme is to encourage change to more energy efficient vacuum pumps and milk pumps and according to Teagasc those involved in the pilot in 2017 saw savings in terms of running costs having switched to the new technologies.

There are some small changes compared to last year, with the following grants being offered:

Information is available on the SEAI website, under Grants > Business grants:

Click here for more information about the dairy farm grant

The scheme is open and will be open until further notice or until funds have been used up, but please note that installations must be completed and requests for payment all made by 28th September at the latest, so the sooner interested parties apply the better.

To be considered, applicants must:

  • Have a supplier number and be currently engaged in milk production, and
  • Be registered with the Department of Agriculture, Food and Marine under the Bovine Tuberculosis Eradication Scheme as a herd owner or herd keeper, or be a holder of another Department identifier.


Required Documentation for application:

1. Completed Energy Efficiency Dairy Grant Application Form

2. Completed Certification of 2017 Milk Supply Form (Certifies milk supply to Coop in 2017 and that applicant has a valid supplier number)

3. Evidence of herd number on a copy of letter/correspondence issued by the Department of Agriculture, Food and Marine (DAFM) – A copy of the front page of the BPS application form is sufficient for this purpose.
New Technology Installations Level of support(%) Maximum support (ex.VAT)
Single phase Three phase
Retrofit of complete new vacuum pump including pump, motor and inverter VSD with controls 40% €5,000 €3,000
Retrofit of existing vacuum pump with inverter VSD and controls 40% €1,750 €1,250
Retrofit of milk pump with inverter VSD and controls, (pump and/or motor as required) 40% €1,000

Please see SEAI Dairy Farm Scheme Application Guide here.

Please see SEAI Dairy Farm Scheme Application Form here.

First Published 13 June 2018


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