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Update on Autumn Grass from Larry Hannons farm walk on October 5th

Every additional ton of grass eaten/ha will increase profit on dairy farms by €181/ha and on drystock farms by €105/ha

Autumn 60:40 Rotation Planner

The most important task any farmer will undertake over the next two months is to ensure that the farm is closed off properly to have an adequate supply of grass early next spring. The Autumn Rotation Planner is a tool:

  • to help keep grass in the diet of grazing animals for as long as possible
  • to set up paddocks for grazing the following spring
  • The 60:40 plan is based on having proportions of the farm closed by certain dates. The target is to have 60% of the farm closed early.

Start closing on the 5th of October and have 60% grazed by the 1st of November.

Target to grow 16 t DM/ha

Growth period Grass grown (kg DM/ha) Rotation No.
1st Jan – 10th April 1,450 1
11th April – 5th Aug 1,550 2-7
6th Aug – 1st Sept 1,750 8
1st Sept - 1st Oct 1,900 9
1st Oct – 15th Nov 1,600 10


The target closing average farm cover is 550-600kgDM/ha (2.5 LU/ ha). Farms with a higher stocking rate should close with a higher average farm cover.


  1. All paddocks should be grazed tight, to a height of 3.5 - 4cm
  2. Use wet weather grazing techniques if ground conditions deteriorate (on-off grazing, strip wires)
  3. Do not re-graze closed paddocks

First Published 17 October 2017

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