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Glanbia Monitor Farm Update – Martin Davin

This week Richard O’Brien, co-ordinator of the Glanbia monitor farm programme, visited Martin Davin’s farm in Co Laois.

Martin is milking 121 cows on his 38 ha milking platform. He is farming 68ha in total. Most of this is owned. He plans to milk 130 cows and rear 35 replacement units in two years’ time. Last year, the cows produced 472kg of milk solids per head at 4.16% fat and 3.64% protein. The farm is very well set up with very good housing and parlour. The roadways and paddocks have recently been upgraded to handle the increase in cow numbers.

Current Farm Performance

Milk (litres) 26.99
Fat (%) 3.73
Protein (%) 3.38
Milk Solids (kgms/cow) 1.98
Meal (kg) 1.0
AFC (kg dm/ha) 679
Demand (kg dm/ha) 66
Growth(kg dm/ha) 85



Grass has grown extremely well over the past 5 weeks with an average growth rate of 90 kg dm/ha.

Grass wedge 13th of June 2016

A lot of good quality surplus bales were taken out over this period. The farm got very dry around the 1st of June and meal and silage was introduced to fill the gap. Since the rain arrived, the farm is back on track.

Grass wedge 1st June 2016

Milk yield to date

The cows are milking very well and have held well over the last number of weeks. SCC is well under control all year.


‘The breeding season has gone very well. On 10 June, I logged onto ICBF to create a fertility report. The report below shows very good submission rates for cows and heifers. The heifers are the backbone of my business. The cows have an EBI of 174. The heifers are improving at 221 for this year’s maiden heifers and 235 EBI for this year’s calves,’ said Martin.

First published 16 June 2016

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