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Watch: Monitor Farmer Pat Dillon - Grass Update No. 3

In the third of our series of walks on the farm of Pat Dillon in Kilkenny, Richard O’Brien, Co-ordinator of the Glanbia/Teagasc Monitor Farm Programme talks with Pat about changes over the last three weeks and his plans for the coming weeks.

With poor weather last week, Pat did not have the chance to mow surplus paddocks last week but the intention is to mow them this week (wk ending 6th 2018).

  • The strip wire went back up during the wet days last week
  • Breeding started on Monday April 30th
  • All cows have been tail painted
  • 100 units of N applied per acre
  • Targeting pre-grazing yields of 1400kg DM/ha
  • Targeting a 20 grazing rotation
  • Meal feeding reduced to 3kg/cow/day

Farm performance

Milk Kg/Day27.81
Fat %4.03
Protein %3.44
Milk Solids/Day2.03
Meal kg/cow/day3
Average Farm Cover607
Cover per Cow154
Pre Grazing Yield Kg DM1500
Demand Kg DM Ha59
Growth Kg DM Ha60

Grass Growth Curve Pat Dillon 2017 vs 2018

First Published 01 May 2018

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