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Farm records made easy


Over the years we have encountered an aversion/dislike for record keeping on dairy farms. I have encouraged many farmers to adopt a successful system to make it easy and hassle free. Firstly, know why you are keeping records! For example, Animal Remedy Usage Records,

1. They are a DAFM requirement, Bord Bia requirement, Animal Husbandry etc. But this has always been the case, this does not motivate anyone to do them. So, why is it important to change to a new system for record keeping?

2. Establish a record keeping system that works for you. New routines and habits take time to embed.

3. Rather than doing it at night or even worse the night before you have an inspection, do it ahead of time.

Remember your system should be fast, easy, reliable and compliant.

Priorities for animal remedy usage recording:

1. The location of the medicine cabinet - it must be close to the action i.e. the dairy, the parlour or the crush.

2. All medicines should be kept in one place (Not on the wall of the calf shed or back of Jeep).

3. A table and chair at the medicine cabinet with your Bord Bia record book.

Once you have implemented the above priorities there is one simple rule for ensuring success. THE RECORD BOOK MUST BE COMPLETED BEFORE YOU CAN TAKE THE MEDICINE AWAY! The reason it works is:

• When you go to get a Medicine you will see the book and be reminded to input usage records!

• It is FASTER, as you do not have to search for missing information at a later time.

• It is EASIER, as you have all the required information at your fingertips.

• It is RELIABLE AND COMPLIANT, as you never have to worry about keeping up to date as it becomes part of the day-time job.

The magic ingredient is the chair, as the easier you make the job to do, the more likely you are to do it! Especially when you are under pressure.

For more information on any of the topics covered please contact your local Milk Quality Manager.  

First Published: 26 April 2021

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