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SI-RO Mark

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Blue branding fluid for sheep

  • Ideal for livestock identification as well as ownership, breed, type and age identification
  • Is completely removed in the normal scouring process
  • Can be used on wet or dry sheep
  • Remains identifiable for up to one year
  • Zero withdrawal

This branding fluid that will remain identifiable for one year and is completely removed from the fleece in ordinary processing. This branding fluid is a lanolin based sheep branding fluid compound which is used for livestock identification purposes including ownership, breed type, age, productivity and above all fleece identification. After branding let sheep go to prevent rubbing while in the race. If the fluid thickens during cold conditions then place container in lukewarm water for a few minutes. It is best to brand sheep on their upper half between shoulders and rump. An ideal time to brand is immediately after shearing. Zero withdrawal.


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LENGTH : 0.000
WIDTH : 0.000
HEIGHT : 0.000