Rouchette Brown Mens Ankle Boot

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Rouchette Mens boots are comfortable neoprene ankle high footwear with an antislip outsole

  • Comfortable neoprene (PC Rubber/polychloroprene) lining that#s breathable
  • Self-cleaning foam outsole that helps to maintain the Rouchette boot and comes with an anti slip sole
  • Comfortable and breathable
  • Removable thermoformed insoles that can be changed easily

The Rouchette mens brown ankle boot are comfortable and breathable footwear that can be used in all weather conditions. The ankle boot has neoprene lining (PC Rubber/polychloroprene) that is extremely comfortable and breathable, which ensures your feet are comfortable all day long. The insoles are completely removable so they can be washed or easily replaced. If you happen to get water inside your boot you can simply remove the insole to dry them. The Rouchette ankle boots have a self-cleaning outsole which makes them easy to maintain and keep clean. There is an antislip outsole which gives you the comfort of knowing you wont loose your footing easily as the antislip aids you on slippy and uneven surfaces.


WEIGHT : 1.000 KG
LENGTH : 0.000
WIDTH : 0.000
HEIGHT : 0.000