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Mastercrop Undersown

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Mastercrop Undersown is one of the very few products for weed control in newly seeded grasses and clover leys and can be used in cereals undersown with red or white clover. Mastercrop Undersown is safe to use on clover. A soluble concentrate containing 240 g/l (21.1% w/w) 2,4-DB and 40 g/l (3.5% w/w) MCPA as a sodium/potassium salt

  • Clover Safe
  • Treats a Broad Spectrum of weeds
  • One of the very few products for weed control in newly seeded grass/clover leys
  • Can be used in cereals undersown with red and white clover
  • Keep livestock off treated land for at least 14 days

Active Ingredients: 2,4-DB, MCPA
PCS Number: 91839
Dilution Rate: 7 litres in 170-340 litres of water per hectare. A minimum of 225 litres should be used when treating denser weed growth areas.
Coverage Per Bottle: 7 litres will treat one hectare.
Application method: Boom sprayer.
Clover safe: Yes
Rainfast: 6 hours.
Grazing: Keep livestock off treated land for at least 14 days. Where any ragworth is present do not allow animals enter field until weeds have completely died back and have become unpalatable.
Cutting: For best results do not roll, harrow or cut crops for 7 days after treatment.
WASH EQUIPMENT thoroughly immediately after use. Rinse with water three times, drain and allow to dry. Do Not contaminate water with the product or its container (Do not clean application equipment near surface water / Avoid contamination via drains from farmyards & roads). Traces of herbicide left in the sprayer may damage susceptible crops if these are subsequently sprayed using the same equipment.


Application Information for Mastercrop Undersown New Sown Leys: 
a) Apply to young grass leys when the grasses have at least 4 leaves and have begun to tiller. 
b) Where several species of grass are present the timing should be dictated by the slowest developing species. 
c) Applications before tillering may cause a temporary check to growth.


New Sown Leys: 
a) Apply after the first trifoliate leaf has appeared but before the fourth on the majority of clovers. This will ensure that weeds are at the susceptible stage. 
b) With Red Clover some leaf deformity may be observed but subsequent growth will be normal.


Weeds Controlled and effectiveness: 

Bracken (R)
Buttercup, Creeping (S) (spray before flowering - killed or stunted) 
Chickweed, Common (R) 
Cleavers (R) 
Common Hempnettle (R) 
Corn Marigold (R) 
Corn Spurrey (R) 
Daisy, Common (-) 
Dandelion (-) 
Deadnettle (R) 
Dock, Broadleaved (MR) : (seedlings killed or severely distorted. Older plants are much more resistant) 
Dock, Curled (MS): (seedlings-killed or severely distorted. Spray when the new shoots are forming) 
Dock, Curled (MR): (older plants (before flowering) - stunted) 
Fat Hen (MS) 
Horsetails (MR): (shoots killed) 
Mayweeds (R) 
Nettle, Common (MS) 
Perennial Sowthistle (MS) : (shoots 10 to 25 cm (4" to 6") high - shoots stunted) 
Plantain spp (S) : (before flowering - killed) 
Ragwort (R) 
Redshank (MS) 
Rush, Soft - Speedwells (R) 
Thistle, Creeping (MS) : (shoots 10 to 20cm (4"- 8") high - shoots killed or severely stunted 
Thistle, Sow (MS) 
Thistle, Spear (MS) : (rosette to early bud-killed)


S = Susceptible | MS = Moderately Susceptible | MR = Moderately Resistant | R = Resistant


WEIGHT : 5.000 KG
LENGTH : 130.000MM
WIDTH : 190.000MM
HEIGHT : 305.000MM