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JFC Fast Fill Water Trough 30 gal

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€ 97.93


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This 30 gallon water trough has a twin reservoir, 136 litre capacity, 0.75 inch fast fill float valve and is made from U.V. light and frost resistant polyethylene

  • Fitted with a fast flow float valve (up to 175L p/min @ 3 bar pressure)
  • Easy to transport & move around
  • Manufactured from frost resistant polyethylene
  • Withstands climate conditions ensuring long life span
  • Provide your livestock with fresh, clean and easy accessible water drinking water

The yellow, easy-to-access service lid covers a JFC fast-fill float valve which comes with a 3/4inch connection and is capable of delivering up to 175L/min (3 bar pressure). Fast fill valves mean a larger herd can be supplied with water without need for increasing trough sizes. This valve operates in a 'fully on fully off' manner unlike conventional valve which restricts flow and slowly reduces flow until a delayed stop. It is fitted with a drain off for easy emptying and cleaning. This water trough comes with fully adjustable and accessible valves that comply with water safety regulations. It is stable in UV light and easy to clean. JFC's 30 gallon water trough is suited to fit between two fields or pens due to its double reservoirs and central housing design. Water capacity is 136 litres. High quality plastic trough means it can withstand extreme climate conditions ensuring long life span. It is stable in U.V. light and is easy to clean. Suited to sheds and pastures. This trough is easy to transport and move around. Frost resistant polyethylene.


WEIGHT : 9.900 KG
LENGTH : 1250.000MM
WIDTH : 475.000MM
HEIGHT : 310.000MM