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Hurler 200 is a selective herbicide used to control key problem weeds in both Newly sown and Established grass leys. Hurler is safe to use on all grass types and can be used on silage ground in the same year as harvest

  • Excellent control of broad-leaved dock and common chickweed
  • Safe to use on newly sown grass leys with no negative impact of growth
  • Animals can re-entry 3 days after application
  • Can be used on silage ground in the same year as harvest
  • Rate: 2 L/ha on Established grassland & 0.75 L/ha on Newly grass sown leys

** Please note - due to regulations you will be required to provide a valid herd, flock or PU number when purchasing this Item. Please insert this information into delievery instructions after purchase in order for us to dispatch the product **


Hurler 200 will provide excellent control of broad-leaved dock and common chickweed. It will also provide a reduction in top growth of common nettle. Hurler should be applied to newly sown grass leys in early autumn when grass is well established, tillering and actively growing. The maximum rate to be used on newly sown grass leys is 0.75 L/ha. The timing of applications to Established grass will be dictated by the growth stage of the target weeds. In order to achieve desired levels of control, all weeds should be pre-flowering at the time of hurler application. Applications targeting Broad-leaved dock should be done in the spring at rosette stage but may also be done 14 # 21 days after cutting when weed foliage has re-grown. Treatment should be repeated the following year if required. Applications targeting common nettle should done when the nettle is actively growing and no later than mid-June. The maximum rate to be used on Established grassland is 2 L/ha. Animals can re-enter fields treated with Hurler in as little as 3 days provided that foliage of any poisonous weeds such as ragwort has died completely and become unpalatable. In order to achieve best control, a water rate of 300 L/ha should be used on Established grassland and can be increased up to 400 L/ha where swards are extremely dense. The water volume used for applications to Newly sown grass leys may be reduced to 150 L/ha. Hurler should be applied as a medium spray at 2 # 2.5 bar. Hurler can be applied using a knapsack sprayer in situations where overall treatment is not justified. 30 ml of Hurler in 10 L of water used to treat an area of 330 m2 will give the equivalent of 2 L/ha of Hurler.


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