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GAIN Wean & Build Nuts 25kg

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A strong versatile feed perfect for encouraging frame growth

  • Palatable molassed coarse feed with Flaked Maize, for suckler weanlings and calves at grass
  • Flaked Barley and sugar beet pulp included to boost performance
  • Cattle settle quickly with excellent intakes and performance
  • Contains a concentrated energy source in the form of soya oil
  • Includes a special mineral and vitamin pellet which is pelleted using cold press technology

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Buy 40 bags (1 pallet) and receive 2 free deluxe calf coats.


GAIN Wean & Build Nuts boast a 16% protein content and is a strong and versatile feed that is perfect for encouraging frame growth in replacement dairy heifers on high forage diets from one month after weaning until calving at grass or as a supplement to grass silage. These nuts are best suited for weanlings, yearlings, finishing cattle and beef & dairy heifers fed at 0.5-1.25kg/100kg BW/day.


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