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GAIN Champions Choice Cruiser Muesli 25kg

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15% Muesli textured blend designed to be fed to cattle that are easily fleshed or those near their peak fleshing target

  • 15% Protein, highly palatable pedigree cooked muesli for pedigree and show cattle
  • Selplex Protected Selenium and high Vitamin E to boost immunity
  • Protected Copper, Zinc and Manganese to support mineral uptake and reserves
  • Essentials oils promote rumen and animal health
  • Yea-Sacc live yeast improves digestion and performance naturally

GAIN Cruiser is designed for cattle that have already got a good level of fleshing and is ideal for cattle that are being showed for the season. It is ideal for heifers and traditional breeds and is formulated for rumen health where feeding is prolonged. It is also feed of choice when withdrawing concentrate feed, such as post show season or newly purchased stock bulls. Introduce the GAIN Beef Nutrition range at least 12 weeks prior to your big show. Start by feeding Champions Choice Accelerator for the first 4 weeks and then switch males over to Champions Choice Full Throttle. When your stock have reached near adequate condition (especially if you still have some weeks or months left in your showing season) switch them over to Champions Choice Cruiser. Cruiser is a cooler feed with some long forage fibre and quality rolled oats added to maintain rumen and intestinal health/coat bloom for longer. This is the ideal formulation to start your pedigree/show animal feeding programme (for animals over 8 months). It is a 14% crude protein product, formulated to give the animal a gentle start and minimise the risk of laminitis or acidosis. Build your feeding rates slowly (increasing by no more than 1 kilogram every three days). Once you are feeding more than 3 kilograms, split the allocation and feed twice per day. When you are feeding at high rates/peak the more often they are fed the better but maintain consistency. If you are looking to purchase 1 tonne of GAIN Cruiser pedigree beef. please add 40 bags to your shopping basket.


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