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GAIN Calf Crunch 25kg

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GAIN Calf Crunch is a cooked palatable coarse feed for calves & suckler weanlings

  • Includes cooked flaked maize and a palatable molasses coating
  • Yea-sacc live-yeast improves digestion and performance naturally
  • High vitamin E (150 iu/kg) and proviox natural plant antioxidants help support immunity
  • Contains the alltech minplex package (bioplex cu, zn, mn & selplex se) protected minerals to improve mineral availability
  • Coarse feed for calves and suckler weanlings

GAIN Calf Crunch is a cooked palatable coarse feed that contains 18% crude protein. GAIN Calf crunch is a coarse feed for calves & suckler weanlings. This feed is suitable for pre and post weaning feeding, following on after GAIN startacalf, if course feed is fed during the rearing period. GAIN Calf crunch includes cooked flaked maize and a palatable molasses coating. Calf crunch contains Yea-Sacc live yeast which improves performance and supports digestion. Vitamin E is also included at 150iu/kg to help support the calf against disease.

GAIN Calf Crunch ingredients and further information: Acidbuf included to aid a stable rumen environment. Protected Minerals are included. Composition Barley flakes, Beet pulp, Wheat distillers, Molasses, Maize flakes, Soya, Soya toasted flakes, Field Beans, Alfalfa (Lucerne), Wheat flakes, Sunflower, Soybean oil, Pea flakes, Sugar beet pulp, Wheatfeed, Wheat, Soya Hulls, Minerals, Vitamins, Yea-Sacc (Live Yeast), Sodium bicarbonate (Buffer), Acidbuf (Buffer) and Protected Minerals.

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