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Eco Natural Dairy Wipes 1 Roll

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Super strong, soft and absorbent dairy wipes made from recycled beverage cartons

  • Super strong, soft and absorbent with high wet strength
  • Versatile - can be used to clean teats of cows, clean down surfaces and for cleaning up spills around the farm
  • Food contact certified - Regulation 1935/2004
  • No bleaches, colours or dyes added
  • Made from recycled beverage cartons and in association with Tetra-pak

Eco Natural Dairy Wipes are formulated to give best results in dairying in Ireland’s wet climate. They are made from recycled beverage cartons used by all major food processors in the production of milk, cream, soup and fruit juice. The recycling of them, using advanced technology, means no trees are cut down to make the paper.


Only the best cellulose fibres are used which means the wipes have very high wet strength. They are food contact certified and are natural in colour with no unnecessary green or blue bleaches, colours or dyes added.


How They're Made:

Eco Natural Dairy Wipes are made through giving beverage cartons a second life. Each beverage carton is made up of 74% cellulose fibres, 22% polyethylene & 4% aluminium. Due to an innovative process, the high grade cellulose fibres are extracted and transformed into a high performance wipe.

The result: An environmentally friendly dairy wipe suitable for the Irish maritime climate.


Food Safety - Keeping Milk Safe:

Care is required prior to milking to ensure udders and teats are clean. Before employing milking clusters it is critical to wash and dry teats using the correct procedure. Failure to take simple precautions at the start of milking leads to a potential rise in total bacteria count (TBC) and the possible development and spread of mastitis.


Why is Food Safe Important:

Traceability is the cornerstone of Ireland’s agriculture. Dairy wipes used in milking should be traceable. Eco Natural Dairy Wipes are food contact certified Under CE No. 1935-2004.


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