EFCO Professional Petrol Engine Chainsaw 62cc

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Powerful chainsaw built for felling, cutting and sectioning large trees

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  • High Performing petrol chainsaw with 2 Stroke engine
  • 62cc Displacement
  • 20" Bar & Chain (3/8" x 058" pitch x gauge)
  • Anti-Vibration System and Automatic Oil Pimp included
  • Comes with free electric chain sharpener

The EFCO Professional petrol engine chainsaw is the perfect tool to have in your shed. This 62cc professional petrol chainsaw is built for felling, cutting and sectioning large trees. The smooth and constant engine torque combined with low fuel consumption guarantees the maximum efficiency over a prolonged period of time. The saw comes with a primer for easy starting even in difficult weather conditions giving a smooth and consistent start each time. The aluminium oil pump is automatic and adjustable so that the flow can be changed to suit the task in hand, which avoids wastage. The handle and fuel tank are separate from the body of the machine to reduce the fuel/oil mixture temperature and minimise the transmission of vibrations. The chainsaw is easy to use and maintain due the easy to reach controls from the rear handle and self-cleaning filter system. The EFCO machine is reliable, powerful and top quality. There is no tree to big or small that this chainsaw could not handle. If you buy this product you will also receive a free Electric chainsaw sharpener. With the electric chainsaw sharpener you will extend the life of your chain by regularly maintaining it using the 230V electric chainsaw sharpener. A dull chain is dangerous and unsafe. Using the electric chainsaw sharpener quickly sharpens the chain with minimum effort. It comes with an automatic power-off protect device and can be easily mounted to a bench or wall for easy working. The sharpener comes with a 7/8" (23mm) arbour diameter and includes 4-1/4"x1/8" grand wheel this is the perfect free accessory that you need to keep your machine in top running order.


WEIGHT : 5.500 KG
LENGTH : 450.000MM
WIDTH : 260.000MM
HEIGHT : 300.000MM