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Copper Max Paste 30g

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Copper-Max Paste has been designed to provide a boost of copper and zinc intake for all horses including young stock.

  • Included copper to increase copper and zinc levels in horses
  • Effective against mineral and trace element deficiencies
  • Oral paste application method
  • Dose over 7-14 days

Orally - graduated oral dosing syringe makes administration easy. A palatable, easy-to-use paste formulation containing Copper, Zinc and biotin all in a 30g graduated oral dosing syringe. Ideally suited for horses at grass but also may be used in the management of Copper intake of those horses kept indoors where daily in-feed supplementation is not the preferred choice. Copper is considered to be one of the most important trace elements in equine nutrition. Among its many functions is the association it has with pregnant mares and Developmental Orthopaedic Disease (DOD) in their offspring. Copper supplementation is essential as many regular horse rations including many forages contain insufficient available Copper to meet the horses requirements.


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