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Closamectin Pour On 2.5L

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For the treatment of mixed trematode (fluke) and nematode or arthropod infestations due to roundworms, lungworms, eye worms, warbles, mites and lice of cattle

  • Application method: Pour On Ready to use
  • Active Ingredients: Ivermectin, Closantel
  • Effective against: Gastrointestinal Worms, Lungworm, Liver Fluke, Eye Worms, Warbles, Mange Mites, Roundworm,
  • Withdrawal periods Meat and offal: 58 days
  • Dosage: 1ml per 10kg live weight

***This product is not licensed for use in cows and heifers intended to produce milk for human consumption*** 


Closamectin Pour On for Cattle is a unique and powerful combination of ivermectin, a broad spectrum persistent anti-parasiticide and closantel, a powerful, early-acting flukicide offering 4-in-1 treatment of ecto and endo parasites of cattle including late immature and adult fluke, worms and lice. Closamectin has a lasting kill so even after administration any parasites that the animal picks up will be killed. To ensure administration of a correct dose, bodyweight should be determined. For a group of similar sized animals you should always set the dose rate for the heaviest animal. The pour on should be applied along the spine of the back between the withers and the tail head. Repeated use of ivermectins may lead to the development of resistance. Cattle must not be treated within 58 days of slaughter for human consumption. Not permitted for use in animals producing milk for human consumption, including pregnant animals intended to produce milk for human consumption. Treatment is at two main periods of the year. Treat at housing to kill any parasites entering from the fields and 8-10 weeks post turnout to kill and newly picked up parasites. Administer topically at a dosage rate of 500 mg ivermectin per kg bodyweight and 20 mg closantel per kg bodyweight (1 ml per 10 kg live weight). The formulation should be applied along the midline of the back in a narrow strip between the withers and the tail head. Assess bodyweight carefully prior to administration. A dosing programme should always be established by a veterinary professional.


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