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Animax Copasure CTL

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Animax Copasure Capsules for the prevention and treatment of copper-deficiency and hypocuprosis in cattle

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  • Avoid or treat hypocuprosis in cattle for up to 6 months
  • Bolus minerals give the peace of mind that every animal is getting the correct amount of minerals for a known period of time
  • Avoid any loss in animal performance or health impacts caused by copper deficiency
  • The easy to administer boluses are ideally sized and shaped for ingestion by the animal
  • Copper oxide active ingredient is protected in a capsule

Animax Copasure bolus are for the prevention and treatment of copper deficiency. If your animals are suffering from copper deficiency (hypocuprosis) they will show a loss in performance and susceptibility to disease. Young stock (100-250 kg bw) receive one 27g (maroon) capsule (equivalent to 108 mg CuO/kg for a 250 kg animal). Cattle (over 250 kg bw) receive one or two 27g (maroon) capsules, depending on the severity of the copper deficiency. (One capsule is equivalent to 67.5mg CuO/kg for a 400kg animals, 2 capsules are equivalent to 135mg CuO/kg for a 400kg animal).


The capsules should be administered orally using a bolus gun or applicator. Care must be taken to ensure that the animal has swallowed the capsule. To be used at intervals of at least 6 months. Animals should be only dosed if copper deficiency is a problem on the farm. Once an animal receives a copasure bolus there should be no other form of copper supplementation for at least 6 months. Do not exceed the recommended dose.


Care must be taken not to exceed the recommended level of copper at dosing or in the following 6 months as this may lead to a toxic level of copper in the animal. Care must be taken when dosing animals to avoid causing injury to the mouth and pharynx. Copper oxide can cause irritation to skin, eyes and respiratory tract. The capsule protects the user from the copper oxide but should be disposed of carefully if the capsule breaks.


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