Animal Heat Lamp with 5m Cable

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Infrared heat lamp that provides a safe heat source for pens, houses or kennels.

  • Suitable for any calf pens, lambs, poultry houses or kennels
  • Aluminium safety guard - 21cm
  • 8 ventilation holes provide better air circulation
  • Chain for attachment (max. load 20kg)
  • GS-tested

Cold weather can be a stresser for all animals, young and old. An infra-red heat lamp like this provides a safe heat source for any calf pens, lambs, poultry houses or kennels. Comes with a safety guard to ensure your animals can#t get burnt, and the 5m chain means you can hang this lamp at the right height for both heat and safety. The lamp has been GS-tested and has eight ventilation holes to provide better air circulation, which extends its life.


Suitable for use raising chicks, calves and lambs, or simply heating up your dogs outhouse or kennel in winter, this heat reflector is an efficient heating solution. Requires 250w infrared bulb.


Bulb sold separately:


WEIGHT : 0.850 KG
LENGTH : 0.000
WIDTH : 0.000
HEIGHT : 0.000