MilkFlex loans in excess of €115M have been issued to 1,200 Glanbia farmers


Glanbia continues to facilitate its suppliers with access to the award-winning MilkFlex loan product following its launch in 2016. To date, more than 1,200 Glanbia farmers have received funding in excess of €115M, with many more loans due for pay out in the coming months. 

A key part of the MilkFlex loan application process is an onsite farm visit from an experienced agribusiness manager from Finance Ireland, where details of the application can be fully discussed. This also helps Finance Ireland progress applications quickly, with the usual time from application to drawdown being just 3-4 weeks.

The economic impact of recent events such as COVID-19, Brexit, the announcement of Ulster Bank’s withdrawal from Agri lending, and Bank of Ireland’s branch closures has emphasised how MilkFlex can offer solutions to unexpected developments in the market.

MilkFlex is only available from Finance Ireland and is offered as a standard lending product which can be used for a wide variety of dairy farm investment purposes. MilkFlex offers flexible terms with repayments linked to movements in milk price. The loan does not require any asset security from borrowing farmers.


Key features of the MilkFlex product:

  • In-built 'flex triggers' that adjust the repayment terms in response to fluctuations in milk price or disease outbreak;
  • Standard term of 96 months but may be extended to a maximum of 120 months if 'flex triggers' are activated;
  • Repayments are adjusted to allow for seasonality - no loan repayments (interest or principal) from December to March inclusive;
  • Unsecured loans - borrowings through limited companies require personal guarantees;
  • Repayments deducted at source from the milk cheque;
  • There is no limit to the number of loans a Glanbia supplier can apply for – once the overall loan balance remains within €300k.


To qualify for MilkFlex a supplier must be:

  • Supplying Glanbia for at least 12 months;
  • Part of the Sustainable Dairy Assurance Scheme or equivalent;
  • Maintaining a valid Milk Supply Agreement (MSA) with Glanbia for the duration of the loan agreement.


Loans available from €25,000 to €300,000 for on-farm investment:

  • Refinancing of existing bank debt/merchant debt;
  • Dairy equipment- milking machines/bulk tanks;
  • Animal housing incl. cubicle sheds and slatted houses;
  • Land improvement work drainage/roadways;
  • Environmental assets (incl. slurry tanks, silage slabs etc.);
  • Dairy herd expansion increasing size/quality of herd;
  • Robotics and milking parlours;
  • Farm machinery.


The interest rate charged is a variable rate of 3.75% above monthly Euribor, set at a floor of zero. In addition, a once-off arrangement fee of 1.25% of the amount borrowed is payable, giving an APR of

4.18%. The arrangement fee is deducted from the approved loan on drawdown and the remainder is credited to the farm current account.

To apply, simply call the MilkFlex number: 01 647 0255 or request a call back on our website.

The MilkFlex team will take your application details over the phone and following initial screening will arrange a farm visit with one of Finance Ireland's agribusiness managers.

Lending criteria terms and conditions apply. MilkFlex is supported by funding from the Ireland Strategic Investment Fund (ISIF) and Rabobank.

First Published: 25 May 2021


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