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Milk Supplier Calendar 2019

Dairy Beef

The 2019 Glanbia Ireland Milk Supplier calendar is due to arrive on-farm in the coming days.

The calendar aims to assist our suppliers with dairy herd and farm management. We encourage suppliers to place it in a prominent position in their farm office or milking parlour. Inside the calendar you will find:

  • KEY CONTACTS: Inside the front cover is a list of useful phone numbers.
  • CODE OF PRACTICE/TRAINING RECORD: there are best practice tips included on these pages for Milk Quality Areas (SCC/mastitis control, dairy equipment cleaning routines and how to avoid residues contaminating milk supplied to GI from your farm). This can be used as both a training resource and a training record for staff by documenting the training dates in the signature box.
  • SUSTAINABLE DAIRY ASSURANCE SCHEME: these pages give background and checklists for your Bord Bia audit.
  • SELECTIVE DRY COW: this page gives an insight into how to work out if you can use Selective Dry Cow treatment for your herd.
  • BEST PRACTICE AREAS: this page gives background information on the Milk Culturing service, Herd Disease Screening service and other services from the Central Laboratory.
  • SAMPLE HERD HEALTH PLAN: this must be completed for your Bord Bia audit. We have made this version more comprehensive and easier to complete. Contact your farm vet for assistance when you are completing this section.
  • SAMPLE FEED PLAN FOR DAIRY PRODUCERS: this should be completed annually and updated through the year to ensure your feed budget is reviewed regularly.
  • A TO Z FARM SAFETY: this page highlights essential farm safety areas. You will need to complete (or review) a Farm Safety Statement for your Bord Bia audit.
  • Each monthly page has the following features:
    • GI Milk accounting periods, set out on an easy-to-view basis
    • Space to record litres supplied per pick up/number of cows that were milking each month and to calculate the monthly average cow yield
    • Monthly best practice tips for milk quality/nutrition/animal health/soil nutrition/using Glanbia Connect

Please note the following documents will be available for download here:

Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact your local Glanbia Ireland Representative.

First Published 8 January 2019


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