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Introducing Truly Grass Fed – a New Standard in Dairy


Through the introduction of Open Source and auditing carried out by the Sustainable Dairy Assurance Scheme (SDAS) we have achieved an unparalleled standard of dairy.

Our natural, grass fed dairy system in Ireland truly delivers a wealth of benefits to animal welfare, quality and consumer health. At the end of December, GII launched a brand new website, which underlines Glanbia’s strength in the natural nutrition and eco-friendly arena.

Through this new brand, we can now bring these merits to the global market. Glanbia customers who include Truly Grass Fed ingredients in their branded products have the opportunity to use the Truly Grass Fed seal on their packaging to show their commitment to proven naturalness, and this is supported by our new website which informs their consumers on what Truly Grass Fed dairy ingredients are all about.

The Truly Grass Fed brand signifies:

  • Naturally grass & forage fed
  • Non-GMO
  • rBST-free
  • Antibiotic-free
  • Animal welfare friendly
  • Environmentally responsible

Work is on-going to ensure that the Truly Grass Fed ingredients portfolio complies with recognized and independent global standards.

We invite you to check out the new website and please get in touch with the GII farm team with any questions you might have.

First Published 31 January 2017


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