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Please see below a step by step guide on how to access your Reserve Pool Allocation Letter online:

Step 1: Log-in to your farms Glanbia Connect account. If you have not registered for a Glanbia Connect account please click here to find out how.


Step 2: Once signed in, click the ‘MY DOCUMENT CENTRE’ tab. You will then need to click the MY FARM DOCUMENTS’ drop down as shown below.


Step 3: Under the ‘Peak Supply Management Policy’ folder click on ‘Peak Supply Management Documents’, where you will see you Reserve Pool Allocation Letter.


A planning delay caused by an objection to our proposed continental cheese plant at Belview has required Glanbia Ireland to introduce limits on milk supply volumes during the peak supply months of April, May and June in 2022, 2023 and 2024.


Sean Molloy added: “With almost 2,000 milk suppliers making applications to the Reserve Pool, it has not been possible to fully satisfy all suppliers’ requests.”

“The process was a huge task for the team over the past months with over 2.3 million data points included in the model. But we are now on track to have the results issued by the end of the week.”


All applicants will receive a text as soon as the information is available online in the My Documents section on this site and Glanbia Ireland’s Farm Development Managers are available to deal with any queries that applicants may have.


In April 2021, each milk supplier was allocated an individual Peak Allocation, with growth of 2.5%, 5% and 10% depending on supplier’ scale and profile.


Given the impact of this policy on some milk suppliers, the Board agreed to the creation of a “Reserve Pool” which aims to address, in so far as possible, situations where a farm business is materially impacted by the requirement to introduce a limit.


Milk volumes from the Reserve Pool were allocated to individual milk suppliers based on defined criteria in a process overseen by PwC.


The independent Steering Group for the Reserve Pool allocation process consisted of former Glanbia Chairman Henry Corbally, Glanbia Ireland Company Secretary Gordon Murphy and recently retired Principal Officer in the Department of Agriculture, Paud Evans.

  • Almost 2,000 milk suppliers representing 37% of our supply base and 47% of our total milk pool submitted an application for an allocation from the Reserve Pool;
  • Each application was rigorously assessed as per the final criteria approved by the Independent Steering Committee.


Suppliers are reminded that there is no additional capacity available over Peak, with all available volume allocated to individual suppliers. This means that there is no guarantee that GI will be capable of processing volumes in excess of peak allocations.


Milk supplied in excess of the Peak Volumes allocated will incur a price deduction during 2022, 2023 and 2024.


The terms of the Peak Supply Management Policy, including milk volume allocations, will be reviewed annually by the Board of GI and may be impacted by the outcome of the current Supreme Court challenge to the planning permission granted for the continental cheese facility in Belview.


All suppliers are reminded that there is no restriction on growth in milk supply volumes outside of the three peak months of April, May and June, as plant capacity is available.

First Published: 9 September 2021


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