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Increased funding to support Johne’s Control & Improve Calf Health

More than €1,200 per herd of funded veterinary advice and animal testing will be available to the average sized Glanbia milk supplier who enroll in the recently announced national Johne’s disease control programme led by Animal Health Ireland.

Funding will be limited and will be available to suppliers on a first come first served basis in early 2019.

The key JD programme elements include:

  • On-farm veterinary risk assessment and management planning (VRAMP) visit, delivered by your local veterinary practitioner
  • Whole-herd testing (one milk or one blood test per year is required from animals over two years old)
  • Ancillary testing (using faecal tests) to resolve the status of animals with positive or inconclusive blood/milk results
  • Johne’s disease information meetings arranged by Glanbia Ireland.

Increasing the understanding of Johne’s disease and how to control it on-farm is an important component of the programme, and to this end a series of interactive JD information meetings will be held across the Glanbia area in early January. Similar Johne’s meetings held last autumn were very well received by farmers that attended, with much interaction on the disease and its control. These meetings will also include further details of the financial supports that are available for the new JD programme and application forms will be available to enroll in the programme.
Application forms will also be available via the Animal Health Ireland website from early January.

Percentage figures are based on the cost of milk testing at €2.75/cow/year via milk recording.

Financial supports for the Programme include:

  • Four Years of funded whole herd testing for positive herds. Including 100% support for milk testing (€2.75 per eligible animal each year).
  • Three years of support for whole herd testing in test negative herds at a rate of:
    • 100% for year 1 (€2.75 per animal)
    • 75% for year 2 (€2.06 per animal)
    • 50% for year 3 (€1.38 per animal)
    Follow-up testing by faecal sample (where required) will be fully funded by DAFM over the duration of the programme (vet visit for faecal sampling and all lab costs will be covered)
  • The JD risk assessment and management plan visit by the local vet will be fully funded for each year that is required. These advisory visits have received very good feedback from current programme participants, and in addition to Johne’s control, have improved many areas of calf health on participating farms.
  • Johne’s positive herds will also get and additional funded herd investigation carried out by the approved local vet.

First Published 7 January 2019

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