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Glanbia Monitor Farm Update – Shane O Loughlin

This week Richard O’Brien, co-ordinator of the Glanbia monitor farm programme, visited Shane O Loughlin’s farm in Oghill, Monasterevin, Co Kildare.

Shane is currently milking 197 cows. Although the milking platform is 68ha, there are currently 45ha available. The cows are milking well on 3kg of meal, there are 10 cull cows in the herd and 38 autumn calvers.

Shane said “the heifers were synchronised and AI’d for 8 days. All were red tail painted at first, then blue as they were AI’d and after 8 days any animal that still had red paint was given 2cc’s of estrumate. There were 27 still red so these were bred 3-5 days thereafter so 100% of the heifers were AI’d within 13 days”.

Current farm performance

Milk Kg/Day30.01
Fat %3.89
Protein %3.45
Milk Solids/Day Kg2.2
Meal Kg/cow/day3
Average Farm Cover kg dm/ha531
Cover per cow122
Pre-grazing Yield kg dm/ha1400
Demand kg dm/ha69
Growth kg dm/ha44

Grass & Silage

Growth has slowed down in the last week; cover per cow and average per cow is currently low but Shane is hoping for rain by next weekend. If rain doesn’t come, Shane will graze some silage ground.

Fig 1: Pre-grazing sward with a cover of 1400 kg /dm /ha

This is the ideal pre-grazing sward.

There is 4 tonnes DM/HA in the silage ground and this field (fig 2) has been closed since March 15th. This will most likely be cut next week.

Fig 2: 4 tonnes dm /Ha silage ground

The other silage ground was closed on April 1st and is currently measuring 3 tonnes DM/ha. Shane spread 100 units of N on April 4th and the estimate is that this N will be gone by next week.

Teagasc have tested grass for sugars this week which they have found to be very positive. Sugars are quite high on Shane’s farm.


There is one full time labour equivalent on this farm plus Shane’s father and himself.

First Published 10 May 2017

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