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Monitor Farm Update 7 April – Conor Beausang

This week Richard O’Brien, visited Conor Beausang’s farm in Grange, Co. Waterford. Conor milks 94 commercial Holstein Friesian dairy cows on his 45 hectare grazing platform.

The weather continues to remain very mixed this week. Heavy rain on Tuesday has resulted in land continuing to remain very wet and heavy nationwide.

Conor Beausang from Grange, Co. Waterford milks 94 commercial Holstein Friesian dairy cows on his 45 hectare grazing platform in Grange Co. Cork. In 2011, Conor decided to start milking. ‘It was always a big decision to make. Milk prices are very challenging at the moment, but the main thing is to keep doing what you are doing. There’s no point in cutting corners that may have short term benefits but long term implications to your farm,’ said Conor. He plans to increase this number to 120 by 2018. He farms 74 ha in total. Conor also keeps cattle and some tillage on the farm.

Current Performance

Milk kg/day 26.2
Fat % 4.27
Protein % 3.21
Milk Solids kg/day 1.96
Meal Kg/cow/day 5
Average Farm Cover 471
Cover per cow 235
Pre Grazing Yield kg/day 1800
Demand kg DM/ha 22
Growth kg DM/ha 33


Conor admits that it has been a challenging spring. ‘Like on all farms, it has been a very difficult spring. Grass growth has improved but ground conditions are still very poor,’ said Conor. ‘The cows remained indoors all last weekend. We will continue to feed 5kg of meal and take out silage if weather permits. We still have 10 days left in first round,’ Conor explained.

Cows were tail painted last week and there is plenty of activity in the herd. “We’ve only four cows left to calve. Cows and heifers were also vaccinated for BVD,” Conor explained.

Conor had weighed the heifers on 23 January with an average weight of 309kg and a range from 280-369 kg.

Richard O’Brien, co-ordinator of the Glanbia monitor farm programme, believes that the next few weeks could prove critical to next year’s success. ‘For most farms, the breeding season is only 3 weeks away. It is therefore critically important to tail paint cows for pre breeding check. Also plan your silage for next winter. Get the right amounts of N, P and K out. This will maximise your chances of making quality silage. Most farms will need two bales of quality silage per cow especially at high stocking rates, so it is therefore crucial to make high quality forage for the herd.’

First Published 7th April 2016

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