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Watch our demo on how to use an antibiotic milk test kit

It’s vital to know conclusively whether your milk is antibiotic free or not. An antibiotic test kit is very easy to use, takes 3 minutes and will give you an almost instant answer on your milks antibiotic content. In this video Joe Kehoe, GII Milk Quality Manager gives an easy to follow demo on how to test your milk.

Steps involved in using the antibiotic milk test kit:

  1. Place the charm strip in the incubator. Carry out this step by peeling back the tab on the bottom of the strip while in the incubator. It is important to complete this this step in the incubator as you can damage the strip if not.
  2. Take your milk sample (this can be either a cow sample or a bull tank sample) and agitate gently.
  3. Next select a fresh pipette to apply the sample, remember to use a new one every time. Don’t reuse pipettes. When pipetting the milk always hold the pipette upright with the bulb facing downwards.
  4. Once a sample has been pipetted on the strip then seal the charm strip and incubate the for 3 minutes.
  5. When incubation is complete remove it from the incubator and visually assess whether the milk is positive or not.
  6. We use our visual reference guide to assess whether the strip is positive or negative. Negative example is at the top of our reference guide.

If you’re interested in purchasing a charm kit, you should contact your local GII Milk Quality Manager.

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Published 22 February 2018

Tagged with: Dairy


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