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Update on Heifer Weights on Martin Davin’s farm in Rathdowney Co. Laois.

This week Richard O’Brien, co-ordinator of the Glanbia monitor farm programme, visited Martin Davin’s farm in Rathdowney, Co. Laois.

Animal Performance
Groups No. of animals Average Age / Weight ADG Birth No. matched from last weighing ADG from last weight Days since last weight
Heifers 46 16.3mths/453kgs 0.82 5 0.90 150
Calves 48 4.6mths/151kgs 0.77 4 1.01 70


In-calf Heifers

Martin weighted the in calf heifers on the 24th June. They weighed 453kg so these animals are well above their target weight. Martin reckons that the mature cows should have an average weight of 600kg therefore his in-calf heifers should be 540kg at calving next spring. To date all the heifers have been bred and currently there is a stock bull with the heifers. This stock bull will be removed after 10 weeks of breeding.


Heifer Calves

The calves weighed exceptionally well and were fed 1kg of meal since they were weaned. Martin puts the good weights down to the management during the early life of the calf. He puts a lot of emphasis on colostrum and all calves received colostrum by stomach tube in the first two hours of life. Martin also weighs his calves regularly and this allows him to divide lighter calves into a different lot and to give them preferential treatment. Martins claves are currently well above target at 151kg and the target average at this time of the year is 130-140kg.

First Published 4 July 2017

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