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Preparation for Breeding - Plan Ahead

Following a difficult Spring it’s important you plan carefully for the upcoming breeding season. The Teagasc breeding plan template (see table below) is practical, easy to use and will help simplify your breeding season.

Complete the template starting with your last year’s breeding season information and then set your target for 2016. Download and print PDF version.

 Breeding Plan 2016 
Date:  Target Actual
No. of cows and heifers to be served (Cows) (Heifers)                 
No. of heifers required in 2019 (5.5 straws/repl.)  
No. of dairy AI straws needed    
Aids to heat detection to be used    
Planned start of calving, 2017    
Start of pre-service heat detection (3 weeks before start of AI)  
Start of AI (maiden heifers)  (1 week before cows)  
Start of AI (cows)    
Submission rate – 3 weeks  90 %  90 %
Cows served in Week 1 (%)       (No.)  30%         30%
Cows served in Week 2 (%)  (No.) 30% 
Cows served in Week 3 (%)  (No.)  30% 
Examination of non-cycling cows  (9 weeks after start of AI)  
Change to beef AI/ beef stock bull  (All dairy AI straws used)  
End of breeding season  (13 weeks after start)  


Bulls to be Used
  Target Actual
      AI Code No. of straws       AI code No. of straws
Bull 1        
Bull 2        
Bull 3        
Bull 4        
Bull 5        


Talk to your farm development manager or local Teagasc advisor for further information on using this planner table.



First Published 25th April 2016

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