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Monitor farmer update – Pat Dillon

Pat is farming a milking platform of 38ha and a total farm of 56ha.

Pat is happy that things are going well with lots of grass; he currently has 110 cows which are milking well at 1.95kg milk solids. The cows calved quickly with 88% calved to date and 85% in 6 weeks. He now only has 12 left to calve.


Pat has an average farm cover of 1100kg DM/ha and he is very satisfied that very little damage has been done to the paddocks. The cows were out, most days, twice a day in February for three to four hours. The target was to have over 70% grazed at this stage but only 47% has actually been grazed. To remedy this all the heifers will be back grazing the home block this week. Pat will mix the light and heavy covers while trying to graze the heavier covers in good weather.

In terms of labour, for a second year, Pat has taken on a student for his three month placement which he says makes a massive difference to the farm workload.


The heifers were weighed last week. They averaged 310 kg with a range of 280-350kg. They have another month to breeding and Pat believes that they should easily be up to 320-330kg at this stage. The lightest of these are out since mid-to late January and they put on over 1kg/day in this time.

Milk KG/Day 25.44
Fat % 4.43
Protein % 3.23
Milk Solids/Day 1.95
Meal kg/cow/day 3
Average Farm Cover 1100
Cover per Cow -
Pre Grazing Yield KG DM 2500
Demand KG DM HA 41
Growth KG DM HA 33

First Published 23 March 2017

Tagged with: Dairy


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