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Monitor farmer update from Co. Waterford Farmer Conor Beausang

Conor is milking 115 cows and 25 hectares are currently available to the cows.

Updated performance for week ending April 23rd 2017

Milk KG/Day 28.84
Fat % 3.77
Protein % 3.39
Milk Solids/Day 2.06
Meal kg/cow/day 2
Average Farm Cover 674
Cover per Cow 148
Pre Grazing Yield KG DM 1400
Demand KG DM HA 69
Growth KG DM HA 69


Following completion of a grass walk, Conor has decided to skip a number of paddocks to bring his pre-grazing yield back to 1400kg DM/HA. Over the last few days, a lot of grass has grown - 69 kg DM / day over the last week. The cows are milking 28litres (28.84 kg/day) and Conor is getting just over 2kgs of milk solids per cow per day. The last results recorded with 3.77% Butterfat and 3.39% protein. Conor acknowledges that the Butterfat is dropping but attributes this to the time of the year which his normal.

Silage was cut on first round grass which wasn’t grazed due to heavy ground in a 19acre field that they couldn’t get down to graze with the weather this Spring. In terms of fertilizer application, Conor has 100 units per acre of N out so far this year and ASN (nitrogen + sulphur) will be spread at the start of May.

Breeding Season

The Beausangs have now finished calving and they will start the breeding season on the 27th of April. The cows were tail painted on the 4th April and 70% of them have come in season. The cows that haven’t cycled by the start of breeding will be scanned.

Heifer average weight was 350kg. The plan is to A.I the heifers for between 7 and 10 days and then synchronise them but Conor will probably continue with A.I. for 6 weeks after which, the bulls will be let out with the heifers.

First Published 21 April 2017

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