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Monitor farmer update – Darren Healy

The Healys are currently milking 268 cows and have 12 left to calf. They are producing 2.03kg of milk solids per day on 2kg of meal.


30 units of urea per acre will be spread this week. The seven hectares not grazed in the first round have been taken out for bales and will be baled this week also. Grass has been growing very well over the last two weeks.


Darren said that they are going to reseed a six hectare silage field this week with a three way mix of Dunluce, Aston energy and Abermagic. The field was sprayed off last weekend in preparation.

Updated Performance April 10th, 2017

Milk KG/Day27
Fat %4.25
Protein %3.25
Milk Solids/Day2.03
Meal kg/cow/day2
Average Farm Cover763
Cover per Cow187
Pre Grazing Yield KG DM1600
Demand KG DM HA65
Growth KG DM HA54


Breeding Programmes

All cows have been tail-painted with a red colour which will be topped up once per week. Cows that are not cycling, which still have red paint, will be checked before the start of the breeding season. All freezebrand and tails were clipped for ease of identification.

A team of nine A.I. bulls were picked with an average EBI of 251, Fertility sub-index of 113 and 26kg of fat and protein. Three Aberdeen Angus stock bulls have been purchased and vaccinated.

Health Programme

Cows vaccinated for IBR and leptospirosis.


Apart from themselves, Darren and Eamonn had two labour units in the Spring and will have one labour unit going forward this year on this farm. Last week, they started milking in the new parlour which is a huge help with the workload. This is a 24 unit parlour but is set up for 36 units.

Grass Wedge 11th April, 2017

First Published 12 April 2017

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