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Glanbia Monitor Farm Update – Michael Doran

This week Richard O’Brien, co-ordinator of the Glanbia monitor farm programme, visited Michael Doran’s farm in Duncormick, Wellington Bridge, Co. Wexford.

Michael currently milks 122 cows on his farm in Wellington Bridge, Co. Wexford.

Michael plans to calve 239 cows next spring, ‘Empty cows, heifers and high SCC (>250) are now dried off. The milking platform is currently 51 ha, but 75 ha will be available next spring,’ Michael explained.

Current performance 10/11/2016

Milk Kg/Day12.36
Fat %5.57/td>
Milk Solids/Day Kg1.23/td>
Meal Kg/cow/day2/td>
Average Farm Cover kgdm/ha606/td>
Cover per Cow215/td>
Pre Grazing Yield kgdm/ha1700/td>
Demand kgdm/ha17/td>
Growth kgdm/ha22/td>

‘95% of the farm is now closed for next spring. The cows are currently on 8kg of silage as well as 2kg of meal. The target is to have an average farm cover of 700 by the end of November,’ said Michael. The cows will be housed full time by the end of this week. Cows will be milked until the end of November.’


Grass wedge 7/11/2016

‘So far this year, the average amount of grass grown is about 16.5 tons dm/ha. We spread 300 tons of lime has been spread in the last 18 months, as soil pH had been a big issue for us.’

‘From the Co-op Performance Report above, milk solids per cow are up 40kg on last year and litres per cow per day are up 2 litres. Last year the herd was made up of all first and second lactation animals. This is a cross bred herd with excellent fertility. As the herd matures the milk yield will improve a lot.’

First Published 10 November 2016

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