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Glanbia Monitor Farm Update from Martin Davin, Rathdowney, Co. Laois

This week Richard O’Brien, Teagasc co-ordinator of the Glanbia monitor farm programme, visited Martin Davin’s farm in Rathdowney, Co. Laois.

Martin is milking 125 cows and has 34 hectares currently available to the cows.


Milk KG/Day 28.55
Fat % 3.96
Protein % 3.45
Milk Solids/Day 2.12
Meal kg/cow/day 2
Average Farm Cover 531
Cover per Cow 145
Pre Grazing Yield KG DM 1400
Demand KG DM HA 58
Growth KG DM HA 120

Martin said that there has been phenomenal growth in the last two weeks. Growth last week was 80kgDM/ha and this measured 122kgDM/ha after today’s walk (25/05/2017).

Grass cover was 830kgDM/ha before two paddocks were skipped for baling. Martin is expecting to take out more paddocks next week due to expected good growth. They are also making quality bales for the shoulders of the year. The rotation is 15 days at the moment and they need to act quickly to keep on top of grass quality.

24th of May wedge when two paddocks were taken out for short term silage


Martin started breeding cows and heifers on the 26th of April and will AI the cows for 12 weeks. 90% of the cows were submitted in the first three weeks and 93% of the heifers. All cows and heifers are now inseminated and a stock bull is with the heifers.

Although there were two cows with mastitis in the last week, overall SCC is less than 100. The first batch of calves were weighed in mid-April and weighed 84 kg. They are now weaned and on one kg of meal.


First Published 26 May 2017

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