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Farm performance and Breeding update from Glanbia Monitor farmer Brendan Phelan

Brendan is milking 182 crossbred cows on 47ha of a total milking platform of 57ha. The cows are currently stocked at four cows per ha. The cows are milking very well with 60% of the herd on their first or second lactation. The herd somatic cell count (SCC) is currently 90cells(‘000)/ml.


Brendan said that 94% of cows were bred in three weeks and 98% of heifers which were not synchronised. Heifers are contract reared and the calves were dosed before they went to the contract rearer last week.

Updated performance May 15th 2017

Milk KG/Day24.44
Fat %4.41
Protein %3.65
Milk Solids/Day1.97
Meal kg/cow/day2
Average Farm Cover700
Cover per Cow178
Pre Grazing Yield KG DM1400
Demand KG DM HA63
Growth KG DM HA50


Since grass growth has increased Brendan has reduced concentrate feed from 4kg per day to 2kg per day.

Grass and Silage

Following a dry period, 28mls of rain fell on this Kilkenny farm from last Thursday (11th May) to midday Monday 15th May. Brendan said “I skipped three paddocks to make bales and I will bale this as soon as the weather dries up. There has been great growth over this weekend”.

Brendan did have a full time labour unit for the spring but now a milker comes in three evenings per week.

Grass Wedge 15th May 2017

First Published 16 May 2017

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