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Pesticide Application


As we approach the season for spraying grassland weeds we need to be mindful of the effects these can have on the environment, particularly in relation to water quality. A single drop of herbicide can breach the drinking water limit in a small stream for 30km and can be highly lethal to the aquatic life.

Source of Contamination

Point sources:

  • leaks from storage areas
  • Spills or drips from handling operations such as mixing, filling and washing equipment.

Diffuse sources:

  • Occur during or after application,
  • Spray drift, runoff or drainage inputs.

Water bodies are particularly vulnerable to runoff or washoff inputs from hard or compacted surfaces

Good Practise Measures

  • Always read the product label and adhere to mixing instructions
  • Be sure to adhere to the buffer margin specified on the label around water bodies (minimum 5 metre buffer from any water body)
  • Always be aware of where nearby waterbodies are located
  • Be mindful of any groundwater or surface water body used as a drinking water source
  • Comply with safeguard (no-use) zones around drinking water abstraction points
  • Store pesticides in a safe and leak proof area
  • Triple rinse empty containers and dispose of appropriately
  • All equipment is calibrated and working correctly
  • Use drift reducing nozzles and keep the boom as low as possible to the ground
  • Never fill, mix or wash the sprayer near waterbodies
  • Never fill the sprayer directly from a waterbody
  • Don’t spray if heavy rain in forecast within 48hrs of spraying
  • Always use the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE)

*All farmers that apply pesticide must be registered as a professional user and have completed the pesticide application module.

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First Published 1 May 2020

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